So I haven't posted an update in a while, but it may seem to everyone like production has really slowed down on the project. What's really happened, however, is that around the time of my last stream was when Porter dropped all of his new music. As a result, Huntroxic and I have been pretty dedicated to getting those visuals completed and out to the public. Which involves a bunch of extra work. When I first announced the project, I was in a position where most of the 3d visuals we needed for the project were mostly complete. So I had the time to solely focus on the VR project, however with the new tracks coming up that all changed.
On top of the new tracks coming out, I've also had to plan out and think a lot about the future of the project. In my last post I discussed my frustrations with motion capture, and I spent a good week or so just thinking about what I was going to do along those lines.
For a good 3-5 days I experimented with Kinect for motion capture. What I found is that really, it isn't a great solution, at all, but if I have nothing else it may end up working. It's still expensive, however, and as a result I will be reluctant to pay out of pocket for it. So I've accepted some outside freelance work to help cover the costs.
With that all aside, the project has still been continued, and I have the next 4 tracks already completed (everything up to lionhearted). As soon as I finish Goodbye to a World and Language, I'll have another stream showing everything off and the project will leave Alpha and enter it's Beta phase. During the beta phase, the project will be divided up into two sets. One which is unchanged and is still the extended version, and the next following the tracklist/new edits of the EF set.
In addition to that I'll have numerous improvements to how the game works, with better VR support etc. As well as having the possibility of alternate stages.
Alternate stages, however, may end up being pretty picky. I don't want to redo the work I've done 3 more times to add alternate stages that exactly match the lighting of their respective sets, so as a result I'll have to just move around the lights, screens, etc. to match that stage. Sounds easy, right? Well, not so much. I don't know how possible it is to move around objects that already have an animation applied to them within ue4. It may be as simple as grabbing it then moving it, or it may be as difficult and annoying as modifying the position of every single keyframe for every single song for every single light.
Anyways, the project is still being continued, and hopefully I'll have an announcement for the next stream on the subreddit soon.
6/30/16 - QUICK RANT
So recently I've talked a lot about Motion Capture and what it can do for the project. The project, currently, is quite alright, however within VR the experience is really lessened by the lack of Porter's own performance. Back when I saw the M3F show in March, I walked into it thinking the visuals and the audio would really be my only focus, and I took for granted what Porter's performance actually was on stage. By the time I left, I realized how crucial Porter's performance actually was.
So by now, I have a bit of a dilemma. Myself, being an 18 year old soon-to-be college student, don't have the money to afford a single motion capture solution, even with student discounts (cheapest ones worth purchasing still fetch around $800-$1200). However, one of the nicest mocap solutions I've found that is most fitting for my needs, has had a contest running for creators to win their technology. I entered into the contest about a month ago, and I've talked everything up quite a bit because, honestly, back then a lot of the other submissions weren't really threatening, specially considering that theyre giving out a total of 9 suits to 6 different winners. However more recently I've been doubting my chance of winning, and assuming I don't, this project will never get to the point I want it to be.
So basically, I'm sorry if I've misled everyone into thinking a fully motion captured Porter is a guarantee, because simply put it's not. 
This is a free project, that will be available to everyone, and as a result it's not as though I have any income to put into it. I'm only continuing it, and plan on finishing it, for my love of Worlds and the experience I can learn from the project. The only thing I can put into this project, is my time, and knowledge.  As a result, I'm relying on the generosity of companies to allow me to use their hardware to continue my development (if you were wondering about me being able to afford a Vive and not motion capture, HTC just gave me a development version for free (I don't have that kind of money lmao)). 
Before any of you email me, lets talk about donations.
Donations, for the use of purchasing a motion capture solution, are something that I simply can't justify. The problem is, that unless I get the exact amount of money needed to purchase a motion capture solution, any money that is given to me will be completely void. 
Example: Lets say the motion capture solution is $800, and I raise $625 from donations, what would I do with that money? It's not enough to purchase that form of motion capture, and as a result it would just sit there.
I have a big problem with money, to the point where if I get any for my birthday or for another special event, I'll sit there, and stare at it, and get stressed out by the fact that it exists and I'm too unwilling to use it. In the situation listed above, rather than only being unwilling to use it, the stress would compound simply because I can't use it. 

Anyways, sorry for the rant. The contest is hosted by Noitom, if anyone was curious, and ends on July 15th. I guess by then we'll know if this project will be properly finished or not. 
6/28/16 - STREAM DAY
Had a pretty successful stream today, showing off all of the new content, and as promised, I'm uploading the new build now.
You can watch the stream here:
6/13/16 - HECK IT
I don't want to make you guys wait any longer, therefore the build is going today. There are a few bugs in this build, that I would like to have fixed, however I won't be able to get the patch uploaded for a couple days. Also, any time I spend working on a patch, is time I could be spending prepping for the next stream (6/28/16 3pm PST). Before submitting a bug report, be sure to check the known bug list. I hope to have all of those fixed soon, however no guarantees considering I have a lot going on in my life for the next week or so (two birthdays, including my own. A bunch of gross college stuff, etc).
6/12/16 - ALMOST READY!
The public build is almost here!!! I'm sorry that its been a while since the initial announcement, however there have been a few issues causing me to want to hold back before posting a public build. At the time of the stream, Vive support was almost non existent, by now, that has been fixed however, even now it is not completely ideal (view the readme for instructions on how to use the Vive). I've updated the project slightly as well, adding the glowing effect on Porter's desk as well as adding a skip song feature. There is only one more issue that's holding me back from releasing the project to the public, so I hope it's resolved soon!
That's it! I'll have more updates posted here along the way through the rest of the development. I will also be posting clips/screenshots here, before the rest of the public sees them. So be sure to check back!