DAY 1 DLC (new visuals)
 - Complete the various scenes 3d for the Shepherdess intro
 - Complete all of the drawings/animations for Shepherdess
 - Add more songs 4/6 (due before round 3 stream)
 - Enable all auto triggers for new songs (due before round 3 stream)
 - Porter body pillow or porter cutout (due before round 3 stream)
 - Experiment with motion capture (hopefully ($$$$) ) (due before round 3 stream)

 - Fix everything on bug report page (due before beta build)
 - Redo Flicker lighting / Big catzz second drop (due before beta build)
 - redo thicker lighting for Unison/Sea of Voices and add it where nescessary (due before beta build)
 - Add better VR support (due before beta build)
 - Fully integrate desk lights (due before beta build)

 - Experiment with a legacy stage setup (due before full release)
 - Add some sort of fog/integrate it with every song (due before full release)
 - Mess around with the lighting (heavier bloom/less eye adjustment) (due before full release)
 - Upgrade to 4.12 (due before full release)
 - Add distance culling to pixel overlay (due before full release)
 - Fix the skybox (due before full release)
 - Populate the rest of the environment with more meshes (vip area/bathrooms/trees/equipment areas) (due before full release)
 - better grass maybe??? (due before full release)
 - Redo placeholder meshes (midi keyboards/laptop/tents/fence/railing etc.) (due before full release)
 - Experiment with Apex Cloth for tents (maybe??) (experimental/due before full release)
 - Experiment with smoke effects (experimental/due before full release)
 - Experiment with confetti effects (experimental/no due date)
 - Add VR controller support (prerequisite = upgrade to 4.12)
 - VR props maybe? (Flags/cellphone(fps killer so probably not)/fancy light up bracelets) (prerequisite = upgrade to 4.12 / experimental/no due date)
 - experiment with playing songs yourself (prerequisite = upgrade to 4.12 / experimental/no due date)
 - Try to figure out a better way to use pixel overlay, with distance culling (experimental/no due date)
 - Look into alternate stage designs without completely overhauling everything (experimental/no due date)

6/28 stream build should go out same day, or at least not too shortly after
Round 3 stream = Every main song done, bug fixes still required
Beta build = Post round 3 stream, includes bug fixes
Full release = final build / everything should be done

Note: Since this is a free project, a lot of the later things I wan't to look into, may end up not being possible without funding. Being a college student, I won't be able to focus on this project as much as I'd want to.
Feature Request
Thank you!
 - Re-enable encore (due before 6/28 build)
 - Move media files to content directory (due before 6/28 build) 0/6
 - Get all auto triggers for new track working (due before 6/28 stream)
 - Set up all songs up to Fellow Feeling (more if possible) (due before 6/28 stream) (6/6)
 - Fix the blue ambient light for every song outside of FSS (due before 6/28 stream)
 - Disable encore temporarily/rig it to only play Irony (due before 6/28 stream)
 - Substitute ending notes/blue kaomoji thing after fellow feeling (due before 6/28 stream)
 - Make sure desk turns red during Fresh Static Snow (due before 6/28 stream) ✓
 - Fix timings since after putting in the reset lights script (due before 6/28 stream) ✓
 - Fix auto trigger from Sea of Voices to Unison (due before 6/28 stream) ✓
 - Fix second drop spotlights for Irony (due before 6/28 stream) ✓
 - Add blue sidelights/kaomoji on display to the ending/before encore (due before 6/28 stream) ✓
 - Add randomization between encore songs (due before 6/28 build) ✓
 - Make encore songs disable themselves properly so I don't have to restart. (due before 6/28 build) ✓
Misc notes
Moving around the matinee stuff for seperate stage designs is still possible.

Of course, start off making a duplicate map, then go into each matinee sequence, and for each mesh, use "Split Translation and Rotation", then re-keyframe a new translation value to match the new location. 
Since this will be up to each individual light, it will probably be super annoying to complete, but it should work.
The same thing should work for like the rotation of the hinges to mount them to the ceiling on some of the alternate stages. It will be really annoying, but it will work.